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How does it work?

ClearForward works with dentists, orthodontists and dental practices to set up or optimize their clear aligner workflow. We offer clear aligners based on customized treatment plans, drawn up by our experienced Clinical Team. The treatment plan is the most important step that will determine whether a clear aligner case will be successful. Unlike with an automatically generated treatment plan, this personally designed plan does take into account any risks. This reduces the risk of complications considerably and the success rate of the treatment is high. This customized treatment plan also offers you the opportunity to treat the more complex cases with clear aligners.

Step 1 - Patient impressions

Use any open source intraoral scanner to take extremely accurate and high resolution digital impressions of your patients. Upload your digital impressions through our ClearForward web portal.

Duration: 1-2 business days. Digital file upload and online lab prescription is entered.

Step 2 - Digital design setup

Once the required records are uploaded, a digital setup and optimized treatment plan is developed. Then, the OnyxCeph software is used to review, modify and approve the optimized treatment plan.

Duration: 1-3 business days. Digital setup and optimized treatment plan is developed and available for doctor review.

Duration: depending on treating doctor. Treating doctor approves digital design setup.

Step 3 - 3D Printing model

As soon as you log in to our web portal you can review the customized treatment plan, have it adjusted (if desired) and approve it. After approval and payment, the 3D print files are prepared for production by our Lab Team.

Duration: depending on when the treatment plan has been approved by the treating doctor / patient. The treating doctor approves the treatment plan or requests any revisions.

Step 4 - Manufacturing

ClearForward has partnerships with labs around the globe, who will fabricate the custom aligners based on approved optimized treatment plan.

Duration: 1-2 business days. Preparation of 3D print files for production.

Duration: 8-12 business days (excluding shipping time). Printing, shaping and cutting of the aligners.

Discover your perfect smile

Providing your patient with a beautiful smile is our aim!

ClearForward is your partner in achieving your goals. We ensure that you extend your service efficiently so that you can offer the best and the most innovative techniques and products to your patients. The ClearForward purpose is based on the belief that patients need orthodontic treatment to achieve and maintain optimum oral, cardiovascular and emotional health. Because everyone is entitled to healthy and beautiful teeth.

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Why ClearForward?

ClearForward was founded by a team of clinical and commercial experts who have a passion for the orthodontic and dental market. As an international full-service organization for clear aligner workflows, web development, online marketing and social media, we specialize in marketing and orthodontic support for dental laboratories, dentists and orthodontists. Our dentistry and marketing experts have been working with invisible orthodontic techniques for more than 15 years and have a lot of experience in helping to grow practices in more than 20 countries. Our Clinical Team has successfully completed more than 30,000 clear aligner cases worldwide.

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